Trucking Conditions and Safety Checks for Removal Services

Blog | September 21st, 2017

For a company to deliver quality removal services, it must ensure that its fleet of trucks is in prime working condition at all times through maintenance and safety checks. Also, the drivers need to be able to handle all sorts of trucking conditions on the road in an adept manner. Below, we provide the steps that a removal services company should take to accomplish both of these goals along with what types of problems the company can avoid throughout the year.

Safety Steps and Maintenance Procedures That a Removal Services Company Should Perform on Its Fleet of Trucks:

  • All trucks need to be in ideal condition, including the trailer area where customer belonging will be kept in during transport from one place to another. If the trailer area has noticeable damage, furniture and other belongings may suffer harm, especially if they are delicate in nature.
  • Engines should receive routine maintenance such as oil and filter changes, hose replacement, radiator flush and fill, and all other parts.
  • All fluids require checking and replacing from time to time, including transmission and brake fluids.
  • Brakes need periodic checking, adjusting and replacing to ensure that the removal trucks stop appropriately and safely.
  • Headlight and taillights will burn out on occasion and need replacing.
  • Any other necessary truck maintenance or repair besides what is on this list should be addressed in a timely fashion.
  • All drivers should have professional training to be able to skillfully handle all types of trucking road conditions that they may come across in the course of their job.

Types of Issues the Removal Services Company Avoids When It Takes the Above Measures

The reason why the above measures are so important is the fact that they will prevent the following issues from occurring during removals:

  • Breakdowns are preventable through proper engine and mechanical maintenance and repairs.
  • Load shifts are avoidable when the inside of the trailer is in ideal condition to secure the load in the correct way.
  • Road accidents rarely happen when the truck drivers are skillfully and professionally trained to handle all types of trucking road conditions.
  • Damage to the customer’s furniture and belongings from truck malfunctions will be kept to an extreme minimum.
  • Bodily injury is avoided along with all of the other things on this list.

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