Tips on Packing Your Holiday Decorations When Moving

Blog | January 15th, 2019

Moving calls for in-depth planning right down to the best way to pack your holiday decorations to ensure that they arrive at your new location undamaged. Lights, ornaments, garlands and a Christmas tree are examples of the decorations that you may own to pack up securely for the upcoming move. If you need advice on how to accomplish this task, we provide you with some tips on packing your holiday decorations for your move in the following details.

Gather Packing Supplies

Before you can begin on this task, you need to gather your packing supplies together. You will need such items as:

• Original containers for decorations
• Various sizes of new, durable boxes or plastic containers
• Bubble wrap
• Permanent markers
• Adhesive labels
• Packing tape

Pack an Artificial Tree in Its Original Box When Possible

It is fairly easy to pack your artificial tree for the move if you have its original box. Most of the time this will be sufficient protection for a tree that does not contain lights. You may want to wrap the tree in bubble wrap when it contains lights before you pack it in its own box or a new one.

Neatly Wrap Strings of Holiday Lights or Garlands for Packing

Avoid packing holiday lights or garlands that are in a tangled condition. Take the time to untangle both and wrap them around your arm in a figure eight configuration to make separate bundles of each strand of either one. Protect the strings of lights with bubble wrap and place the garland bundles in a plastic bag when you pack them in a sturdy box.

Fragile Ornaments Require Individual Padding to Safeguard Them Correctly

When it comes to your fragile ornaments, you need to either wrap them in bubble wrap individually or use special sectioned-off boxes to ensure that they do not break during transport to your new residence. If you choose the box route, though, you should be certain that the walls of the sections protect the ornaments sufficiently.

Any Paper Decorations Need Plastic Containers

You can pack paper decorations in plastic containers or in plastic bags and cardboard boxes. The plastic will protect them from getting damp or wet during the move.

Mark Each Box or Container

To facilitate unpacking, mark each box or container with the permanent markers and labels if necessary. By doing so, you will know not to unpack your decorations but only store them until the next holiday season.

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