Tips for Last-Minute Moving: How Ron Wilson Removals & Storage Can Help You

Blog | March 23rd, 2018

Preparing for a move is an arduous task, even when you have plenty of time, and worse when it is a last-minute one. With the latter, you do not have the time to plan it all out the way that you may prefer in order to be certain not to miss anything. When faced with a move that you must do on short notice, Ron Wilson Removals & Storage can help reduce your stress by offering the following services.

Personal Accurate Quotes

We will come to you quickly upon your request to provide you with an accurate and personalised quote of any of our services that will help make your last-minute move less stressful. With our quotes, there are never any hidden costs or surprises.

Pre-Packing Services Are Available

Our expert packers will come and pack up any of the items that you need them to from fragile ones to even your fine art. They are trained in the right way to pack all of your belongings in the proper manner to ensure that they arrive at your destination without any damage. You select the extent that they provide their services.

Home Pack Containers and Storage Options

In the event that you need some of your belongings placed in storage to prepare for your sudden move, we offer home pack containers that will seal them in the proper manner while they are in our warehouse. Also, we offer short-term and long-term plans along with pods for you to load with furniture and other items at your location when necessary.

Our Removals Range from Local to Country-Wide Locations

You can rely on our company to help you move anywhere within this country. Whether you are just going across your city, to a nearby city or clear across the country, we will transport your belongings in a safe, timely fashion.

Hire Our Unpacking Services

To save you time at your destination, we offer unpacking services. Our crew members unpack your boxes, place the items according to your instructions, fold the linen, make the beds and ready the entire house for you.

Insurance Assistance

Since our company is an authorised representative of QBE Insurance, we can help you with storage, public and transit liabilities insurance. Coverage that we offer will protect you in case of accidental damage of your belongings.

For further details about how Ron Wilson Removals & Storage can help you with a last-minute move, contact us, and we will be glad to answer all of your questions. Your satisfaction is our main concern.

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