The Importance of Transparency in Insurance Policies and Guidelines for Removal Services

Blog | March 25th, 2019

Moving is such a stressful time since you are trusting your belongings to a removal company to move you from your current location to a new one. Along with all the other details that you must take care of to prepare for this move, you should be certain to safeguard your belongings with moving insurance. Before you purchase any policy on this type of insurance, you need to understand the importance of transparency in these policies as well as the guidelines for the removal companies.

Only Approved Agents Can Sell Moving Insurance 

The first thing you need to know is that only an authorised agent can sell you insurance to cover your belongings during your move. If a removal company tells you that you are automatically insured, question what type of policy. You might only be covered by valuation, which is not true insurance. To prevent this deception, always ask which company it is with and ask to see written proof of the policy. Normally, you need to request the insurance and sign up for it separately from the removal agreement.

Transparency Ensures That You Understand Your Coverage Clearly

It is transparency that provides you with coverage details in clear, non-confusing terms. By doing so, you will understand what you are and are not insured for during your move. For example, when the removal company packs your belongings, the insurance will cover any damage. On the other hand, if you decide to pack your belongings, the insurance may not cover the damage depending upon the circumstances.

Transparency Keeps You for Paying for Inadequate Coverage 

Another reason that transparency is important with removal insurance is that it helps you avoid inadequate coverage either in monetary ways or for specific services provided by the removal company. Accidental transit insurance will cover your belongings during transport but not while they are in storage. You will need storage insurance for that. Also, you may require public liability coverage in some cases. There is no way for you to know that you do not have the right coverage unless total transparency exists.

The Removal Company’s Guidelines Should Contain Transparency

Any agreement you make with the removal company should contain clear terms with no hidden terms or charges. Contracts that use complex legal terms can be difficult to understand and trick you into agreeing to terms that you do not want.

For further facts about the importance of transparency in insurance policies and guidelines for removal companies, meet with our qualified office staff members here at Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. Our company is an authorised agent for QBE insurance and will be happy to discuss all your options for our insurance policies to ensure that you sign up for adequate coverage for your needs.

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