The Importance of Correctly Labeling When Packing Prior to Moving

Blog | August 17th, 2018

Moving from one location to another is exciting, but also confusing. You must stay as organised as possible throughout the preparations to accomplish this in a timely, an accurate and a safe fashion. While making a checklist helps keep you organised with your moving tasks from sorting unwanted items to moving day activities, do not underestimate the importance of correctly labeling when packing your belongings prior to moving. We provide you with the reasons that you need to label each box and container clearly in the following facts.

Labeling Your Packing Boxes Keeps Moving Day Organised 

One reason to label packing boxes and containers is to keep moving day organised. The removal crew can group each room’s boxes together on the truck when you mark which room that they belong to at your destination. Also, you can see at a glance which room’s contents are yet to be moved into the van.

Proper Labeling Alerts the Removal Crew to Which Items Are Fragile

Clear labeling also helps point out which items are fragile to the removal crew when you mark the boxes or containers as such. Some suggestions for this other than marking boxes with just the word ‘Fragile’ is to also state what the contents are in the box or container. China, glassware and mirrors are just some examples of this.

Correctly Labeling Your Packing Boxes and Containers Helps Calm the Chaos of Unpacking 

Another reason that it is important to label your packing boxes and containers properly and clearly is that it will make unpacking at your new location less chaotic and more organised. When you do this properly, the removal crew can place all of your belongings in the right rooms quickly and without confusion.

Ways to Label Moving Boxes

There are different ways that people label their boxes and containers today to suit their preferences. As long as you and the removal crew members understand what is in the boxes or containers the labeling method is not important. Some suggestions for labeling include:

• Commercial self-adhesive labels with permanent markers

• Computer-generated labels

• Permanent markers right on the boxes or containers

• Coloured labels for a coded system, such as green for kitchen items, brown for living room belongings, red for kid’s belongings and white for your bedroom items.

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