Stress-Free, Easy Moving Tips for Local Moving

Blog | November 15th, 2018

When you are moving into a new property locally instead of across the country, there is still so much planning involved that you cannot help but feel a bit anxious about the entire process. After all, you need to think about how to pack, transport and unpack your belongings efficiently and safely even if you are just moving to the next street. Learn the following tips for a stress-free, easy move locally.

Plan Early

Tip number one is to start planning as soon as you learn that you are moving. The longer you give yourself to complete all of your moving preparations, the less stress that you will feel along the way.

Hire a Reputable Removal Company as Soon as You Know Your Moving Date

Do not delay in hiring a reputable removal company since you need to be certain that a van and crew are available for your moving date. Most of the time, people hire a removal company at least three to six months ahead of time but do it earlier whenever you are able to do it.

Eliminate Clutter and Unused Belongings

Sort through your belongings to dispose of the clutter and unused items. You can trash the appropriate items and donate the ones that are in good enough shape for someone else to enjoy.

Place Important Personal Documents in a Lockbox

Collect all of your banking records, kids’ school records, mortgage and title papers and other important personal documents and place them in a lockbox to keep them safe and private if you are moving from a home. When you are moving a business, the same applies but with the crucial paperwork for the company. Filing cabinets may be necessary, though, instead of a lockbox. Many people forget about these until the last minute and as a result, lose paperwork that they need to take with them.

Pack and Mark Boxes

At this point, you need to start packing your belongings into sturdy boxes with padding if they are fragile. Remember to mark which room or building area that each box belongs in to lessen your stress and confusion at the other end. In addition, take advantage of any packing assistance that the removal company provides.

Insure Your Belongings Properly

The last tip that we will cover here is to cover your belongings with the right insurance. By doing so, you will safeguard your investment in your belongings in case of accidental damage during transport.

For further stress-free, easy moving tips for local moving, consult with our professional removal company of Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. We specialise in all types of removals, including both residential and commercial ones along with providing a wide assortment of pertinent and helpful services.

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