Safety Tips for Moving Household Furniture

Blog | July 27th, 2018

In order to ensure that all of your belongings reach their destination undamaged, you must be cautious. This goes double for your household furniture pieces, though, since they pose a safety risk that your other belongings do not. You must proceed carefully with these pieces to be certain that damage does not occur to them before, during or after the move. Also, lifting furniture can cause physical injury as well when you do not keep in mind the following safety tips.

Do Not Try to Move Heavy Pieces without Help

Moving household furniture is never a one-person job. You should not try to move it on your own. Ask friends and family members to help or hire the right moving company to perform the heavy lifting for you. This is the number one safety tip to always remember.

Use the Right Equipment to Move Your Household Furniture

While some pieces of furniture can be easily moved by hand, other pieces require special equipment to load them on and off the van. Examples of this include pianos, chest of drawers and large, freestanding entertainment centres.

Disassemble Whichever Pieces Come Apart Into Separate Sections

It is advisable for you to disassemble the furniture pieces that do come apart into separate sections. They will be easier to move by taking this action. Beds, recliners, certain sofas, some entertainment centres are some examples of these furniture pieces.

Eliminate Obstacles That Pose Danger for Furniture Moving 

Examine the route out of the house to ensure that there are no obstacles or hazards in the way that can pose a danger during furniture moving. Remove area rugs since they can bunch up and cause you to fall as you are moving your furniture pieces. Other issues might include flower pots, packed boxes or even the family pet running around.

Using a Proper Lifting Posture Reduces the Risk of Physical Injury

A major reason for personal injury to occur during the moving of household furniture is the fact of the homeowners using the wrong lifting posture. Always keep your back straight and bend your knees to a partial, if not full squatting position, when lifting furniture or packed boxes and push up with your thighs to lift. This keeps the pressure off your back.

Wear Appropriate Footwear and Clothing 

Another safety tip for moving household furniture is that you should wear the correct footwear and clothing. Never wear open-toed shoes for one thing since you may accidentally drop something on your foot. Closed-toe footwear provides protection to your feet. Also, the soles should not be slippery. Clothing should be comfortable but not of the style that would get caught on doors or other items along the moving route to and from the van.

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