Rush Moving: What are the Most Important Things to Remember?

Blog | May 11th, 2018

Moving when you have plenty of time is a difficult enough of a task, but if you need to move in a hurry, this task may seem impossible to accomplish in the allotted timeframe. You have to be really on your game to accomplish your move successfully under these conditions. We are here to help you learn how, though, with the following list of the most important things to remember as you are preparing for your rushed move.

Hire an Expert Removal Company as Early as Possible

The first thing you must do when planning a rushed move is to hire a professional removal company as quickly as possible. Just ensure that the company delivers quality results all of the time. Removal companies are booked months and even years ahead of time, so when you are in hurry, you must ensure that you have a van for your intended move date before proceeding with the rest of this list.

Make a List of Moving Tasks

Jot down a list of all the tasks that you must perform to get ready for the move. This way, you can check each one off as you finish it. As we discussed in the previous section, hiring the removal company is number one. Number two should be to collect all of your important papers and place them in a secured container with a lock on it.

Throw Away or Donate Unwanted Items

Sort through all of your belongings and throw away or donate unwanted or non-used items. Clear this clutter to reduce your packing load a substantial amount. The amount of time that this takes is well worth it since it saves you time with the next step.

Use New Boxes and Padding for Packing

Buy new boxes and padding to pack all of your belongings other than furniture pieces. By doing so, you will protect your items in an optimum manner. When you rely on old boxes or padding, both can be worn to the point where they provide inadequate protection, especially for your fragile items.

Mark Every Box

As you pack, you need to mark each box for the room it belongs in at the other end. You will expedite the unpacking process when you remember to take this action.

Supervise All Activities of the Removal Crew the Day of the Move

Now, all that is left for you to do is to supervise on the day of the move to ensure that the removal crew is as careful as necessary with your furniture and belongings. Make sure that they protect the furniture as they load it into the van along with your other belongings. After all, you do not want any damage.

Follow this list to accomplish your rushed move in a competent manner, and rely on Ron Wilson Removals & Storage for expert assistance. We ever guarantee your satisfaction.

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