Reasons that Make Moving Containers More Practical in Interstate Moving

Blog | December 15th, 2017

Unlike past years, you have choices on how you move your belongings from one place to another today. You can DIY it with a bunch of friends, but this method can cause issues that are all your responsibility to solve. One problem is that moving furniture up a ramp into the truck can be hazardous, especially in rainy weather. A more practical way to accomplish an interstate move at present, though, is by using moving containers to perform the job. Containers such as these offer the following benefits.

No Ramps to Navigate

Since the moving containers sit flush with the ground, there are never any ramps to navigate to move your belongings into and out of them. Not only does this make the containers a safer loading option than a van, it also saves time. The latter is true due to the fact that you can move a bit faster when you do not need to walk up and down ramps.

Better Security for Your Belongings

You are the only one who will have the keys to the container other than the main office of the moving company. The drivers are not allowed to enter your containers once the containers are locked and you receive the keys.

Efficient, Safe Transport and Delivery to Destination


Your belongings have less risk of shifting inside moving containers in comparison to being loose inside a van. This makes for greater efficiency and safety in transporting and delivering them to your intended destination. You can rest easy that your belongings will not suffer damage during transportation.

Flexible Options for Storage

At times, storage is necessary to fulfil moving requirements. Reasons for this include that there is a time gap between when you need to leave your present residence and when your new one will be ready for you to move into it. Moving containers make storage easy whether it is for a short term or a long term.

Cost-Effective Moving Method

Moving containers also are a more practical option for interstate moving since they are the cost-effective option today. You can choose to load the containers on your own when your budget is tight. Of course, when your budget allows, you can hire professional packers from the moving company to pack your belongings for you.

Moving Containers Are Ideal for Short-Distant and Long-Distant Moves

Another reason to opt for these containers is the fact that they are ideal for local, country or interstate moves. Regardless of the distance, your belongings remain safe and secure.

For further facts about the reasons that moving containers are more practical for interstate moving that other options are, consult with Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. We not only supply these containers upon request, but we also provide pre-packing, storage and unpacking services for local, country and interstate removals. On top of all of this, our company offers personal quotes and fully insures your belongings in case of problems.

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