No Broken Pieces or Damaged Goods: Organise Your Move with Ron Wilson Removals and Storage Services

Blog | May 11th, 2017

When you schedule your home furnishings move with qualified, experienced moving companies that offer personalized quotes and services, you can be assured of a safe, efficient move without broken items or damaged property. Many homeowners and renters worry about possible damage to their valuable possessions when planning to move their personal belongings and furniture to a new home location or to a storage facility.

Quality Services Offered By a Top-Rated Moving and Storage Company

The most desirable moving and storage companies with top ratings in Australia today provide their customers with the following comprehensive, high quality services for moving and storage of home furnishings and personal belongings:

  • Accurate Moving Quotes. – Your ideal moving business will offer you the choice of a quick private quote, a detailed private quote or a home survey of all items to be included in your home furnishings move to a new residential location or to a storage facility. Unless you need to move very quickly, the home survey can be a wise choice. When the movers come to your home to examine and discuss removal of your furniture and other possessions, they can give you the best detailed quote of costs for your move. They can also determine the size and type of packing containers needed for all items, whether you are moving them to a new home or into storage.
  • Sturdy Moving or Storage Containers. – Your top quality mover will provide strong, durable moving crates and containers for all items you need to have removed from you home. Whether these items are being transported to a new home or to secure storage facilities, you want them contained in the proper size and strength of container to prevent any breakage or damage.
  • Short and Long-Term Storage. – The best moving and storage companies will provide both short and long-term storage of all your personal items at competitive rates. They will also often advise you concerning the ideal types of boxes and containers based on how long you expect to store your belongings. Since some lightweight boxes may deteriorate over time, long-term storing may require sturdier containers to prevent any possible damage to fragile items.
  • Moving Services to Local, Countrywide and Interstate Destinations. – Regardless of your new home’s location in Australia, the best moving companies are equipped to transport all your home furnishings and personal belongings to your new address. These companies also provide the most comprehensive and safe moving services.
  • Full Unpacking Services. – Good quality moving companies also provide complete unpacking services after transporting and delivering your furniture and possessions to your new home. This supportive service allows you to focus on other practical aspects of relocating your residence like starting your water, electric and other utility services while your movers unpack.
  • Moving Insurance. – The best moving companies offer all customers comprehensive insurance coverage for all items being removed and placed in storage or delivered to a new residence.

By scheduling the move of your furniture and other personal possessions to your new home’s locale, or into storage, with the experts at Ron Wilson Removals & Storage through their offices in Carrum Downs, Melbourne and Gold Coast, you will gain all the benefits discussed above and more. Regardless of your current home’s location and to what area of Australia you are moving, this excellent home removal team will provide you with top-rated moving services. Contact these experts for a professional, accurate quote and a highly satisfactory, safe and successful home furnishings relocation today.

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