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Visual Inspection During the Packing Day: Why Should Removalists and Clients Work Together?

After you plan every detail of your move from which removal company to use down to your specific schedule, there are still many tasks that require your attention to ensure that the move proceeds smoothly. One of these tasks is the visual inspection that you and the removalists need to perform together harmoniously on packing day. The reasons that this is so important for you and other removal clients will become clear when you read the following.

Clients Need to Show the Removalists the Present Condition of Their Belongings

Removalists need to document the current condition of the clients’ belongings prior to packing them. They should provide this to the clients for their records. If there is a problem after the move is completed, the clients will have the documentation necessary to file an insurance claim.

The Visual Inspection Is the Ideal Time for Clients to Explain What They Are Taking with Them

Clients also should explain to the removalists any items that they are taking with them in their personal vehicles during this inspection on packing day. Personal papers, jewellery and extremely fragile items are examples of these items.

A Visual Inspection Helps Clients and Removalists Formulate a Plan for the Day

Another reason for removalists and clients to work together on a visual inspection is to create a suitable plan for packing day. This allows both to allot the time for all tasks that they need to perform on this day to ready all the clients’ belongings for the move.

Removalists Work More Efficiently with Cooperative Clients

When clients and removalists cooperate with each other during the visual inspection, the removalists can perform their jobs with greater efficiency. As a result, the move will proceed smoothly even after packing day. Clients also will lower their stress level by working with the removal crews rather than having an attitude with them.

Clients Deserve Reassurance From the Removalists That the Move Will Proceed Without Issue

The last reason why all concerned parties need to work together on packing day is that clients often need and deserve some reassurance from the removalists that the move will proceed as problem-free as possible. This is easier for the removal crews to do during the visual inspection than on moving day when the pace is more hectic.

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