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Tips on How to Prepare an Inventory List Prior to Hiring a Local Moving Company

During a move, it is easy for damage to happen to your belongings or for them to become lost. Either may lead to an insurance claim after the fact if you cannot find them, or you discover that the moving company is at fault for their damaged state or disappearance. To ensure that the claim gets paid, you must have proof of your missing belongings. For this reason and other ones, prior to hiring a local moving company, you should prepare an inventory list of all of your belongings. Below, you will learn about some valuable tips on how to create this list effectively.

1. Divide the List by Rooms

You need to divide your list by the rooms in your house. Be certain to include all of them by name and location in the house if need be to make the list precise. Examples of this include the hall bathroom and master bathroom.

2. Do One Room at a Time

Start in any room that you want to and finish listing your items in it before you move to the next room. When you stay this organised it is easier not to overlook an item than if you work in a haphazard manner.

3. Be Extremely Specific and Descriptive 

You need to be as specific as possible when listing your belongings. It is not enough to write down one white blouse, especially if you own more than one that fits this description. Instead, you need to write one white blouse along with its size number and brand just for one example.

4. Make a Video or Photo Album of Your Belongings to Add to the Inventory List

And excellent addition to the list is photos or a video of all of the items. In fact, this is a good idea even if you are not moving.

5. Record the Value of Each Item on the List

Mark the value of each item next to it on the list. Do not overstate the value, though, since the insurance company will double check if you need to make the claim. Keep it honest.

6. Notate Which Box Each Item Is in After Packing It

Number each box and place the corresponding number next to the items on the list as you pack the boxes. This last tip may happen after you hire a local removing company if you are availing yourself of its packing services. By doing this, you will know what is in each box in case of damage.

For further tips on how to prepare and inventory list prior to hiring a local moving company, turn to Ron Wilson Removals and Storage. We will perform your move with care and efficiency.