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Moving Process and Proper Handling of Valuable Artworks

Packing is confusing and hard work with any of your belongings, but it is even trickier when it comes to your valuable artworks. These require special packaging and proper handling to ensure that they arrive at your destination without any damage. After all, they will lose any value they have with even a minor rip, nick or chip, depending on the nature of the artwork. For this reason, we provide you with some tips on packing valuable pieces of art in the following.

Inventory Your Valuable Artworks Prior to Packing Them

Before packing them, make a list all of your pieces of artwork on a piece of paper to make a tangible document in case you need to file an insurance claim. Mark the value down next to each item. Also, take photos or record a video for your permanent records. The latter is a great idea even when you are not moving.

Collect Supplies

Purchase the right size boxes or other containers for your artworks. Plastic wrap, packing tape, bubble wrap, scissors, or utility knife, and permanent markers are other supplies that you will need along with packing peanuts for additional padding.

How to Pack Paintings and Other Wall Art

• If your valuable paintings or wall art pieces contain glass, prepare them for packing by placing tape over the glass in the shape of an ‘X’ or an ‘asterisk’. By doing so, you prevent the glass from moving around a lot if it breaks. Use masking tape, though, so it comes off easy during unpacking.

• On any of your framed pieces, you need to place cardboard corners on each corner of the frames. This protects the corner seams during transport.

• Wrap all your wall art with plastic wrap to protect it from any of the other packing materials from causing an issue. Then, wrap the pieces with bubble wrap.

• Pad the bottom of the boxes or other containers with packing peanuts before setting the artworks into them. Centre the pieces and fill the gap with packing peanuts to the point where the artwork cannot shift in the box or container. Mark what is in each package.

The Proper Handling for Sculptures

Certain large sculptures may require wooden crates to safeguard them in the proper manner. With smaller ones, wrap them in bubble wrap and place them in an appropriate box or other container along with packing peanuts all around them. Again, mark what they are after packing them.

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