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Full-Packing or Partial-Packing Services: Know What’s Best For Your Moving Needs

When you go to hire a professional removal company to fulfil your moving needs, you will be faced with a number of decisions, including whether to opt for full-packing or partial-packing services. Either choice has benefits and drawbacks; only you can choose which one is best for your specific move. In order to help you make this decision, we offer you the following facts about each option.

Partial-Packing Option

With this option, the removal company packs only a portion of your items. Most people when they choose this option will have the crews pack all of their fragile belongings, and they will pack their personal papers and other items on their own. The upside to this option is that it costs less than the full-packing one does. Its downside is that the removal company will be liable for only the items that its crews pack in case of accidental damage. Choose this option if you are on a tight budget, have a low number of packable items or a lot of sensitive items that are for your eyes only.

Full-Packing Option

Removal crews will pack all your belongings when you choose this option. All your non-fragile and fragile items will be packed according to the company’s specifications. The advantages of selecting this option is that the removal company is liable for all damage since its crew members pack everything and the packing will take less time with the professionals performing all of it. A disadvantage of this option is that it costs more than the partial-packing does for you. You should select this option when your move is a highly complex one either because you have a lot of belongings or you are moving a business.

Understand What Your Moving Insurance Will Cover Before Deciding

Before you decide which packing option is right for you, find out what your moving insurance will and will not cover in case of accidental damage. This information alone may dictate the choice you need to make for your move.

Unpacking Services Also Are an Option

On top of the full-packing and partial packing options, you will also have the option of unpacking services from the removal company. Do not overlook the benefits of these services. When you arrive at your new location, you just need to supervise the unpacking and tell the crew members where to place all your belongings.

For further information about full-packing or partial-packing services, consult with Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. We specialise in these services along with all other aspects of removal and storage.