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Custom-Made Crates for Packing Delicate Items: Available at Ron Wilson Removals & Storage

When you need to store delicate items at a storage facility over a long term, it is important to pack them in the appropriate containers to keep them safe from harm. While there are plenty of methods for packing your belongings available today, it is best to turn to professionals for the ideal solution. Ron Wilson Removals & Storage is the right place to come for such a solution. We specialise in removals and storage, and we even offer custom-made crates to protect your delicate items.

Examples of the Delicate Items That Our Custom-Made Crates Protect

• Clothing is a major concern in storage, but with our custom crates, your dresses, blouses, shirts, suits and other wearables will be safe. We can even provide hanging racks in these crates when you do not want to fold your clothing items.

• Glassware, dinnerware and china can be placed in their manufacturer packaging if you still own it, or we can help you pack them safely in new cardboard containers before placing them in our custom crate. Since we make the crate to your specifications and needs, all your items will fit in it without issue.

• Electronic devices, such as computers, televisions, laptops and tablets. Stereo systems and home theatre systems also fall into this category.

• Paintings and other pieces of artwork are not just valuable items, but at times, they have true sentimental meaning to you. We will create a crate that is suitable to safeguard these precious pieces in an effective fashion.

• Mirrors of any size need extra attention to keep them undamaged during storage, regardless of the length of time. Their backs are easy to scratch and mar, and their fronts are just glass that can crack, break and/or shatter. Any damage to them can spoil their usefulness and attractiveness.

• Lamps and lighting fixtures also deserve protection during storage. Our crates of customisable in every way possible to ensure that they can safely store these items.

• Figurines and other breakable decorative pieces also need the proper attention and protection to store them safely. The crates that we create in a custom way will make certain that these items come back to you unharmed.

• Many more delicate items are safely stored in our customised crates.

For further details about our custom-made crates for packing delicate items, contact us soon. We will meet with you to discuss your needs before we issue you a quote of our services. Not only do we offer these crates, but we also provide removal, storage, packing, unpacking, transport and insurance services.