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Best Short-Term Storage Solution During a Home Renovation: Hire Ron Wilson Removals and Storage

Before the start of a home renovation, homeowners need to remove all their belongings from the pertinent area. In order to accomplish this in a safe, protective fashion, they need a reliable, short-term storage option for the duration of the remodelling project. If you are facing this need at present in your own life, you might be in a quandary as to where to turn for quality storage options for the weeks or months that the renovation will take to finish. Luckily, if you are in the Victoria area of Australia, Ron Wilson Removals & Storage has the solution for you.

We Meet With You to Analyse Your Needs

Upon your request, we come to your house and discover your specific needs for our short-term storage. Once we understand the scope of these needs, we will issue you an accurate, personalised quote.

Our Company Provides Water-Tight Containers for Your Belongings

On the scheduled packing day, we will bring how many water-tight containers that are necessary to store all of your belongings in during your home renovation. Many homeowners only require one of these while others require two or more to accommodate their needs.

A Team from Our Company Will Pack the Water-Tight Containers for You

You will not need to stress the labour of packing these containers since our crew members will pack them for you. They will take special care to handle all of your furniture, clothing and other items in the appropriate manner to prevent any damage from occurring during storage. When they are finished, they lock the containers securely.

We Store the Containers at Our Secure Facility

Our Company transports the packed containers back to our facility that is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system to watch over all storage areas. Ron Wilson Removals & Storage turns to CCTV for this system, and it is on duty 24/7 to ensure there are no break-ins or vandalising. Also, we offer storage insurance to protect your items from unforeseen problems.

After Your Renovation Is Complete, We Deliver the Containers Back to Your House

Once your remodelling project is finished, we bring your water-tight containers back to you. In addition, our crews unpack all your belongings and help you place them where they belong in your home. In fact, you can just supervise the unpacking.

For further details about our services for short-term storage during your home renovation, contact us directly. We will care for your belongings as if they were our own. Also, we offer long-term storage options as well as removal services.