Moving in the New Year: Most Important Things That You Should Add on Your Checklist

Blog | January 15th, 2018

If you are moving in 2018, you need to plan it carefully to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly with as few issues as possible. Along with researching into the right moving company to assist you with your move, you should create a checklist to help you accomplish the move in an organised fashion. While this list needs to include a multitude of items, we provide you with what we feel are the most important things in the following facts.

Place Your Budget Goal at the Top of the Checklist

Include your budget goal for the move at the top of your checklist. This will keep you on track throughout the move with your expenses. It is easy to go over the allowed money when you fail to do this.

Create a Section That Includes All Pertinent Moving Information

Part of your checklist should include all pertinent moving information from sorting and disposing dates for unwanted items to the date that you want to arrive at your new residence. By doing this, you will keep on schedule in order to be completely ready for moving day.

List the Individual Tasks That You Need to Perform Before Moving Day

Another important part of your checklist is the individual tasks that you must perform prior to moving day. Tasks should include such items as:

  • Sorting and disposing of unwanted items.
  • Buy packing supplies.
  • Pack up items in the kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and any other room in the house. Save the kitchen until last since you will need to continue cooking and eating throughout the moving preparation process.
  • Unplug large appliances from electrical outlets and disconnect the plumbing on the washing machine and dishwasher if you are moving the latter.
  • Prepare furniture for the move by covering and/or padding it.
  • Double check that all of your belongings are ready for transport.

Jot Down a Schedule for Performing Tasks as Part of Your Checklist

Along with including all of the individual moving tasks, you should include a date to perform each one next to them. Organisation on this level will make the move flow smoothly from one task to the next.

For further information about the most important things to add to your moving checklist, consult with Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. Our company delivers quality results to you through every phase of your move. We also treat you with the dignity and honesty that you deserve. With each move, we provide a guarantee of satisfaction.

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