Moving Day: Essential Things to Do Before Professional Packers Arrive

Blog | November 10th, 2017

Now that you have hired the moving company that best suits your needs, you need to learn how to prepare for the packers before they arrive to perform their duties. At first, you may think that these packers will deal with everything, but once you consider it further, you will realise that they will pack all your belongings even those you prefer not to take with you. We are here to provide examples of the moving day essential things to do before the professional packers arrive.

Donate or Throw Away Unwanted Items

The first thing you should always do to prepare for packers is to donate or dispose of all unwanted items. Most of the time, if you have not used an item in three to six months, unless it is seasonal, then, it is time to donate or throw it away. This will reduce your moving load and your unpacking at your destination.

Sort Through the Items That the Professional Packers Will Not Pack for You

You will need to sort through perishables and other food items, hazardous materials such as gas for the lawnmower and fragile plants since the packers will not be packing any of these items for you. If there are any of these items that you wish to take with you, you may need to transport them on your own.

Make a List or Snap Photos of All Your Furnishings and Belongings

Create a list or a photo or video record of all of your belongings and furnishings. By doing so, you will ensure that you receive them all at the other end of your move. Also, you may need this in case of an accident or if damage occurs for the insurance claim.

Separate Personal and Delicate Items From the Rest for You to Pack

Personal documents, fragile items, mementos, small items and cosmetics are some of the items that you may want to separate from what you will have the packers pack up for you. Place them in a separate room.

Pack Essentials for the First Night or Two

For convenience sake, pack an essentials box for the first night or two at your new residence. It will remove the need to unpack immediately upon arrival.

Communicate Clearly with the Professional Packers

Always communicate clearly with the professional packers to ensure that they fully understand your needs and expectations. In addition, treat the crew members with respect to make them feel appreciated.

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