Moving and Storage Services in Melbourne: What Sets Ron Wilson Removals and Storage Apart from Others?

Blog | February 14th, 2018

Nothing is worse than having moving or storage issues due to negligence of a removal and storage company. People may suffer late arrival of their belongings, or broken or lost items at the end of their move. With storage, people might even have someone steal their belongings if the company they turn to has inadequate security. Sadly, these are just some of the issues that happen with an inept company that is just out to take your money and not out to satisfy your needs in the appropriate manner. Luckily, you have come to the right place for quality, reliable moving and storage services since our company, Ron Wilson Removals & Storage, delivers and/or stores our clients belongings safely and in a timely fashion. Refer to the following facts on what sets us apart from our competition.

We Provide a Wide Assortment of Services

The first way that we stand out from our competition is by offering a wide assortment of moving and storage services. Our services start prior to your hiring us and only end when we complete all of the tasks that you require of us in a quality way. The following is a list of our many services:

  • Personal quotations provide you with an accurate price of the services that you require of us
  • Pre-packing services from our company help prepare your belongings for the move and take some of the stress off of you
  • Home-packed containers protect your valuable belongings during their stay in our warehouse during long-term storage
  • In our facilities, we dedicate certain areas for lounge, rug and carpet storage that is completely safe for these items
  • We deliver water-tight containers to your home for you to pack all of your belongings in for short-term storage, and you are the only one with a key
  • Timely short-distance and long-distance removals that include local, interstate and country locations
  • Unpacking services from us not only help you un-box your items at your destination, but we also place the items in the specific location that you desire

Our Storage Facilities Have 24-Hour CCTV Security

Your belongings always are safe and secure in our storage facilities since we have a government approved CCTV operating 24 hours a day. We monitor the comings and goings of our location closely on top of this.

All of Your Belongings Are Insured for Your Protection

Since we are an authorised representative for QBE insurance, we will assist you and make certain that you have the right liability insurance for your specific needs.

For further information about our moving and storage services in Melbourne, contact us when it is convenient. We will answer all of your questions and/or schedule an appointment for you to receive a personal quote of our services.

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