Long-Distance Moving: Planning and Scheduling to Avoid Last Minute Disasters

Blog | August 27th, 2018

While any type of move requires planning and scheduling to avoid last minute disasters, this goes double for long-distance moving. Since this type of move takes additional travel time, you must ensure that everything is ready to go on moving day in order for you to move into your new place on time and without delay or unnecessary problems. We offer you the following tips to help you prevent as many problems as possible with scheduling and planning your long-distance move.

Set Your Moving Date

You will need to schedule your move-out date before you can proceed with the rest of these tips. Of course, to set it appropriately, you will need to know your move-in date as well. Also, allow enough time to get from your present location to your new one since you are not moving a short distance.

Hire a Reliable Removal Company

Once you know your move-out date, hire a reliable, quality removal company to ensure that you have a van scheduled for that day and the time it takes to arrive at your new location. Be certain to check into the experience, references and services of the company in-depth before hiring it.

Downsize Your BelongingsĀ 

Wherever possible, downsize your belongings. This lightens the load that you need to pack, transport and unpack at the other end. Sort through all your clothes, kitchen items and so on, and donate, sell or dispose of all unwanted items.

Take Photos and Create an Inventory List

For insurance purposes, take photos of all of your belongings and create an inventory list. This will give you a record to rely upon in the event that there is any damage that occurs during the move.

Start Packing and Mark All of the Boxes

Now, you are ready to start packing up your belongings. Pack all the other rooms first, though, before you pack up your kitchen items if you are moving out of a residential structure that is. When you do this, you can keep cooking for you and your family up until the last few days before move-out day.

Buy Moving Insurance to Protect Your Belongings

Purchase special moving insurance to cover your belongings in case there are issues along the way. Only this type of insurance will safeguard your belongings on an optimal level during a move.

For further tips on planning and scheduling for long-distance moving to avoid last minute disasters, consult with Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. We are experts in removal and storage services, including packing and unpacking ones along with insurance and personalised quotes.

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