Keys to a Successful Move: Your Interstate, Moving Day Checklist

Blog | February 14th, 2019

While you can find checklist to prepare you for all the aspects of moving, there are not that many for the moving day itself with you are planning an interstate move. This checklist is just as important as any of the other ones since it will keep the move-out day organised and running smoothly. It will help you not forget any item or task that you need to perform on that day. Below, we share an example of this type of checklist to help you formulate your own.

1. Arrange a Babysitter for the Kids If Applicable

Unless your children are old enough to be of help to you on moving day, it is wise to hire a babysitter to keep them occupied and out of the way. You may even have a neighbour keep them at his or her house to ensure that they will not slow you down or get underfoot at the wrong time.

2. Separate the Items That You Want to Personally Transport from the Load for the Removal Company

Be certain to separate any items that you want to transport personally from the load for the removal truck. In fact, you can go ahead and load your vehicle before the truck arrives at your house.

3. Pack a Special Box for each of the Kids and Mark Each ‘Load Last’

If you have not done so yet, pack a box for each of the kids of necessities and toys. This box is to be unloaded first on the other end so you are prepared for your kids quickly on the other end, therefore, you need to mark each one with ‘Load Last’ for the removal crew.

4. Speak to the Removal Driver and Crew to Settle Last-Minute Details

Discuss last-minute details with the removal crew and driver to make sure that all of you are on the same page. One thing to definitely be clear about is the delivery schedule if it is not already in writing.

5. Double Check That You Have All Your Personal Documents in One Box

Another item on your moving day checklist should be that you double check that you have packed all your personal documents into one box or more if necessary. These documents include financial papers, contracts, school records and your family’s medical records along with others.

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