John England

Testimonials | May 14th, 2018

Put it down to old age Peter!!!

If you are considering a move I would highly recommend Ron Wilson Removals. They arrived on time, were fast, professional, cheerful and no request was too much trouble.

Our move consisted to two separate loads and nothing had even the smallest scratch. They were not the cheapest quote nor were they the most expensive, however it is difficult to imagine finding better value for money.

Two days after the move I decided that a place I had chosen for a very heavy safe was wrong. I rang the office to ask if they had ‘two strong men’ in the vicinity in the near future. Within 2 hours they were knocking at the door … job done at no extra charge! Great after sales service!

My Rating out of 5:

  • Punctuality    *****
  • Efficiency    *****
  • Professionalism    *****
  • Value for money    *****
  • After sales service    *****

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