How to Prepare Your Things for Long-Term Storage

Blog | July 17th, 2017

Nothing is as disappointing as storing your furniture, clothing and other items for a long period of time, only to discover that they have suffered damage in your absence. For this reason, before you place belongings and furnishings into long-term storage, you need to prepare them in the correct manner to ensure that no harm happens during transport of them or while they are at the storage facilities. You can prevent clothes from mildew, furniture from scratching and other unpleasant issues just by taking the right precautions.

The Proper Way to Prepare Clothing

Hang clothing whenever possible since they will wrinkle if folded for a long period of time. The wrinkles can cause stress on certain fabrics and even make them tear. Also, place the clothes into moisture-proof containers to prevent mildew. Plastic bags can build up condensation in them, so you might want to opt to special boxes for this purpose.

Tips on Preparing Furniture

With furniture pieces, you need to clean all the dust from them, disassemble them if they have drawers or different parts, and cover them to protect them from scratches and dents.

How to Prepare Appliances for Long-Term Storage

Appliances require special preparation for long-term storage, especially when they contain water lines. You must ensure that the all the lines are clear of water along with the rest of the appliance when this is the case. Clean the appliances thoroughly inside and out before you cover them to prevent dents and scratches.

Pad Your Fragile Items to Prevent Breakage

The trickiest items to pack properly for long-term storage are your fragile ones, such as glasses, plates, vases and crystal knickknacks just for some examples. To protect them in the correct way, use new, sturdy boxes along with bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts. If you are using the wrap, you can cover the entire item and even tape to secure it. With peanuts, ensure there is a layer of peanuts between each item and even inside them in the case of vases and glasses.

Label Boxes Clearly to Identify the Contents

On top of all of these other tips, you should always label your boxes clearly in order to identify the contents. To ensure that your delicate items are not handled roughly, be certain to mark FRAGILE in red on the boxes that contain them.

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