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Blog | August 18th, 2017

Moving from place to place is a very confusing task to undertake, whether you are moving around the corner or across the country. It is best to create yourself a moving checklist to follow to ensure that you get all the aspects of moving accomplished in the proper manner and order. For your convenience, we provide you with a sample home moving checklist in the following facts.

Sort and Dispose of Unwanted Items Two Months Prior to Moving Day

Two months before the move you should sort and dispose of unwanted items. Consider your current use of these items before ridding yourself of them. If you have not used something in 3 to 6 months, and it is not seasonal, you should dispose of it. Seasonal decorations, such as ornaments for the Christmas tree, you can keep. Remember that you will need the space in the truck for other items, and by clearing out what is unnecessary, you will have the space that you require for the move.

Research Into Moving Companies

At the same time you are sorting and disposing of unwanted items, you need to research into moving companies to locate the one that will give you the best deal and services. Be certain to check the companies’ experience, insurance coverage, services and reputation before hiring one of them.

Create an Inventory List

Make a full list of every item that you are taking with you at least six weeks before moving, regardless of how small to ensure that you know what you should receive on the other end. On this list, you may provide yourself a reminder to collect school records for the children if pertinent so that you do not forget to ask for them at the school.

Set Firm Packing and Moving Dates With the Moving Company

You should also set firm packing and moving dates with the moving company at least six weeks prior to the moving date. On top of this, if the company is doing the packing, ensure that it is supplying all the packing materials. Otherwise, you should order the necessary materials and begin packing on your own. Either way, mark each box clearly to make unpacking less confusing once you reach your destination.

Contact Utility Companies One Month Before Moving Day

Four weeks before moving day you need to contact all utility companies such as water, cable or satellite TV, phone, gas and electric companies to learn about shut-off procedures at your present location and activation procedures at your new location.

This checklist covers the major considerations in a move for further details, consult with Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. We offer a full line of services from pre-packing to unpacking. In addition, we offer our moving services on the local level, county level or across the country.

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