Furniture Removals and Storage Available in Melbourne and Gold Coast Area

Blog | July 31st, 2017

When you require quality furniture removals and storage options in the Melbourne and Gold Coast Areas of Australia, the task of locating the right company for the job may seem a bit daunting. After all, you need to know whether or not the company is reliable, the services it provides, where it will move your belongings to and if it supplies free quotes. We are here to tell you why Ron Wilson Removals is the answer to your dilemma.

We Provide Personalised Quotes

Upon request, we come to your home and analyse your furniture removal or storage needs to provide you an accurate quote. It is the only way to guarantee that we do not overlook a necessary cost.

Let Us Help You Pack

When you decide to hire us to move your belongings, the packing can be part of the plan. Our experts will efficiently pack your entire assortment of belongings ranging from fragile items to clothing. If necessary, our company will order custom crates to your specific requirements.

Our Company Provides Home Pack Containers

For storing your valuable belongings inside our warehouse, we provide you with home pack containers. All of your items will receive appropriate packing, and the container seals them to ensure no damage occurs to them.

Ron Wilson Offers Short-Term and Long-Term Secure Storage

If you require short-term storage, our watertight containers are ideal for your purposes. We pack them for you, deliver them to our facilities and bring the container to your location when you are ready to unpack it. Our timber storage modules and storage areas of rugs and furniture ensure that your belongings are safe for the long-term when necessary. Also, our storage facilities have CCTV security surveillance 24 hours a day.

We Move You to Any Within the Country

As far as moving goes, we will pick up your furnishings from your location in the Melbourne or Gold Coast area after the packing is complete and transport it anywhere within Australia.

Unpacking Is Part of Our Services

Ron Wilson Removals also unpacks your belongings carefully upon delivery to your intended location. On top of this, we will place your items where you want them.

Our Company Protects All Your Belongings with Insurance

Along with all of our other services, we insure your belongings in case of accidental damage. This insurance will repair or replace your items.

Consult with us at your earliest convenience to discover further details about our services for furniture removals and storage in the Melbourne and Gold Coast areas. We guarantee satisfaction.

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