Furniture Removal Dangers and How They Can Be Avoided

Blog | August 31st, 2017

When it comes to moving furniture from one place to another, certain dangers and pitfalls can happen along the way that can cause damage and other issues. As a result, you may be wrought with problems to deal with first before you can enjoy your new residence. The easiest way to ensure your move has as few issues as possible is to learn what the dangers are and how to avoid them. We provide you with a partial list below to help to start your education on this topic.

  1. Danger: Furniture will not fit through the door. A problem such as this occurs with the overstuffed sofas and chairs that many homeowners prefer today for their homes. Other types of furniture also may present this type of challenge.

    Solutions: To solve the above issue, you should be certain that you disassemble the pieces and pack them in the truck in this state. Do not reassemble the sections until you arrive at your new house. By taking this action, you will ensure that the furniture will not only fit through your present house’s door but also that it will fit through the door at your new residence.

  2. Danger: Furniture shifts in the removal van. Chances for damage and even the truck overturning are high when this happens.

    Solution: All furniture should be secured in the moving or removal van in the appropriate method according to its type and material. This minimises and even eliminates the risk of load shift.

  3. Danger: Wood and other furniture scratching or marring.

    Solution: The main reason for furniture damage other than reckless handling is inadequate protection in the transport van. Blankets or other padding should always safeguard wood and other delicate furniture to prevent unnecessary damage.

  4. Danger: Specialty pieces of furniture, such as pianos, are improperly handled during the move.

    Solution: Pianos and other specialty furniture pieces call for very specific techniques and equipment to move them in a safe manner.

  5. Danger: Falling for moving scams. Numerous moving or furniture removal scams show up each year to rip off homeowners and provide them a less than desirable move, if any services at all.

    Solution: Research into the removal companies thoroughly before hiring one to perform your furniture removal for you. Check their references to ensure that they are not scammers.

For further facts about furniture removal dangers and how you can avoid them, consult with Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. With about 69 years of experience in the removal business, we provide high-quality service and ensure no damage will come to your furniture or other belongings.

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