Furniture Packers and Removalists: The Importance of Careful Handling

Blog | April 30th, 2018

If you are in the midst of preparing and planning for a move to a new house, you may be in a quandary as to how to find the right removal company for your purposes. After all, you will be placing all of your furniture and belongings in the hands of the company’s crews for packing, transport, storage and/or delivery. As you search for the company that suits your needs, you should ensure that whichever one that you hire provides you with furniture packers and removalists that will carefully handle not only your sofa, chairs, tables and other furniture pieces, but also that they will do the same with all of your other belongings as well.

Examples of Damage When Furniture Packers and Removalists Do Not Perform Their Jobs Carefully

1. Wood Furniture Can Mar or Break With Rough Handling

If the furniture removalists and packers bang your wood furniture together or into other objects as they are loading it onto the van, it can suffer dings, scratches and other signs of marring or actually break. Once lovely pieces, can be destroyed in the wrong hands.

2. The Upholstery May Become Torn or Stained in Transport without the Proper Protection and Handling

The wood on furniture is not the only section of it that can suffer damage from mishandling, as the upholstery is even easier to harm. It can become stained or torn without the correct safeguards and handling procedures.

3. Improper Handling Can Bend Metal Furniture and Make It Unusable

Do not make the mistake of thinking that your metal furniture can endure rough handling. In the wrong hands, it can be twisted and bent out of its ideal shape. At times, the damage is so severe that the pieces are unusable.

4. Mattresses Will Absorb Moisture When Leaks Occur

Mattresses also need careful handling and the right protection since they can absorb moisture from the air or if leaks occur in a van that is not in an ideal condition. Either cause of this type of damage can make the mattresses to mold and mildew. Also, they can rip quite easily, which will cause their stuffing to come out.

The above are just some of the problems that can occur when you hire the wrong company to move you from your current location to a new one. For further details about the importance of careful handling by furniture packers and removalists, consult with our company, Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. We care for your furniture and other belongings as if they were ours.

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