Five Tips That Will Help You Compare Moving Companies So You Can Choose Wisely

Blog | January 31st, 2017

Today, there are numerous moving companies available to help you transport your belongings to a different location. For this reason, you may have difficulty making a wise decision about which company will care for your items in a quality manner and deliver them on time. We enter here to offer you five tips that will help you choose a moving company confidently and in an informed way.

1. Read Reviews of Each Moving Company

Examine reviews for each moving company that you are considering to learn the positive and negative points about them. When the bad outweighs the good, remove that company from your list and proceed with our other tips.

2. Receive a Quote on the Exact Same Services From Each Moving Company

Have each company provide you with a free quote of the same services that range from packing to load rates. By doing so, you are comparing one to the other in an accurate way. Double check your details before proceeding with the quotes.

3. Compare Time Frames

Ask the companies if they can move you within your time frame not theirs. Keep the ones on your list that can fulfil your needs in this area. The ones that cannot pick up and deliver your belongings in your desirable schedule can be put on a back-up list if all else checks out positive.

4. Enquire about Insurance

A reputable moving company should carry adequate insurance to cover your belongings during transport. With this insurance, the company can repair or replace your belongings if the damage was caused by negligence on company’s part. If any of the companies that you are considering cannot show proof of insurance, you need to search elsewhere for one that has it.

5. Request to View a Sample Contract

View a sample contract that you will need to sign with the moving company to ensure there are no hidden fees or terms. The companies should not hesitate to show you one. Before you sign the actual contract, read over the entire document to be certain it has not altered any of the wording of the terms from the sample one.

While you are comparing moving companies for your relocation, please include our company, Ron Wilson Removals & Storage, in your list. We guarantee that once you speak to us that you will forget about the other companies on your list and rely on our services to move you in an affordable, safe and timely manner.

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