Economical and Safe Solutions for Long-Term and Short-Term Storage

Blog | June 22nd, 2017

Occasionally, there are times that you will need a viable storage solution to protect your belongings. For example, you may need to create additional space in your home for a growing family. Other possible reasons for storage are that you may need to move out of your present residence before you can move into your new one or that you are renovating the house and need to safeguard your belongings during it. Whatever the reason, Ron Wilson Removals & Storage provides economical and safe solutions for long-term or short-term storage to people here in the Victoria area of Australia.

Short-Term Storage Option

We deliver water-tight containers to your property that are spacious enough to hold all your belongings from furniture to clothing for short-term storage. Our team of packers will assist you in loading the containers in the proper manner and then our drivers will bring them to our storage facilities. When you are ready to use your items once again, we will deliver them back to your location and help you unpack.

Long-Term Storage Option

For long-term storage, we utilise timber storage containers or modules that are specially designed to protect your clothing and other belongings in an adequate way. In addition, our company has specific areas to store rugs in a rolled or flat form safely along with a lounge’s area to store your lounge suite in to keep it in a pristine, usable condition.

Ron Wilson’s Storage Facilities Contain Security

Since one of our specialties is storage, we understand that the only way to ensure that our clients’ belongings are safe is with strict security measures. As a result, our facility contains government approved CCTV surveillance 24 hours a day all throughout the year.

We Provide Free Quotes

Provide us all the details for your storage or other needs to receive a free quote of our services. We offer Quick Private Quotes, Detailed Private Quotes and Surveys for the purpose of accurate quotes whenever necessary.

Other Services Available From Ron Wilson

Along with the above storage solutions, we offer:

  • Pre-packing
  • Packing
  • Local, interstate and country removals
  • Insurance on all your belongings
  • Unpacking

To learn additional facts about our economical and safe solutions for long-term and short-term storage along with our other services, contact us as soon as possible. We will analyse your needs and explain how we can fulfil them in a quality, timely manner. Your belongings will be safe with us the entire time that they are under our care.

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