Consider Pre-Packing When Moving Fragile and Delicate Items

Blog | October 28th, 2016

Some of the most valuable things in life seem to be fragile and delicate, such as paintings, artwork, vases, and fine China-ware, which are just a few of the valuable things found in homes. And, when it comes time to move from one home to another, the importance of pre-packing these valuable, fragile and delicate items can’t be overlooked.

Most items in a home can be simply wrapped with paper or clothe, placed in a box, and hauled in a motorised vehicle to the new home. However, fragile and delicate items of value need much more care and preparation, before moving them. While some people may feel confident and comfortable to pre-pack their valuable items, there is a safer way to ensure that fragile and delicate items such as artwork and paintings are not damage during the move. That is by professionally pre-packing and moving them.

Hiring Professional Movers to Guarantee the Safety of Fragile and Delicate Items

For those not sure about properly pre-packing their valuable items, such as boxing these, loading them into a vehicle, and then unloading them at their new destination, without damaging anything, then hiring a professional furniture removals and storage company just makes sense. Without a doubt, if you have valuable items like artwork, fine-China, antique furniture, or anything of considerable valuable to move, don’t risk damaging these, hire professionals instead.

Full service professional movers can guarantee the safety of all the items in your home, especially the fragile and delicate ones because they have the experience, the right equipment and vehicles, and the specialised training in pre-packing and moving valuable items such as paintings, artwork, vases, and all types of fragile items.

From beginning to end, from room to room, and from one house to another, professional movers, such as Ron Wilson Removal & Storage, use plastic bags to pre-pack and label every signal item that is moved. Using either corrugated paper or bubble wrap for fragile things such as figurines and vases, contents of a home are then carefully placed in marked boxes and crates for easy identification. The boxes and crates are then loaded into a large moving container and transported to the new location, where it will be carefully unloaded, room by room.

The best part of hiring Ron Wilson Furniture Removal and Storage company is the peace of mind that all of your valuable things are in competent hands, and insured against damage.

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