Causes of Furniture Storage Failure

Blog | February 28th, 2018

When you need to store your furniture over a short or long period of time, you should seek out a reliable company to assist you to ensure that your furniture stays safe and in ideal condition. If you fail to do this, furniture storage failure can occur and leave you with issues in place of usable sofas, chairs and other furniture pieces. We share with you some of the causes of this type of failure in the following facts to help you avoid issues.

Excess Moisture in the Storage Areas or Containers

Furniture can mould, mildew and even begin to rot if the storage areas or containers have excess moisture in them. This issue happens when you use an unreliable establishment for your storage. If pods are part of the storage options, they should be watertight to prevent leaks during transport to and from the storage facilities as well as at the property owner’s location for packing or unpacking purposes. Also, the inside of the storage facilities should be in ideal condition to keep the rain out or to prevent flooding from broken pipes and other causes along with the other storage options that are available.

Theft Due to Inadequate Security

Another failure that can occur with furniture storage is theft of your items due to inadequate security. Without 24-hour CCTV and other security measures, anyone will be able to access your belongings and carry them right out of the storage facilities.

Improper Stacking of Furniture

When packing furniture in pod container or even a storage area at the facilities, certain items should never have other items on top of them. Even when furniture pieces are stackable, you should do it only with the proper protection on the bottom element as well as the others in the stack.

Insect Infestation

The storage facilities should ensure that an insect infestation cannot occur by taking the necessary precautions. You should not need to fumigate your furniture to safely use it once you take it out of storage.

Unsafe Transport

One major cause of furniture storage failure is when the facilities provide unsafe transport of your furniture to and from their warehouse. As a result of reckless handling by the drivers and loaders, your furniture can become scratched, cracked and completely broken.

To avoid any of the above causes of furniture storage failure, turn to Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. We keep our storage facilities and options in ideal condition at all times to protect your furniture in the proper fashion. Also, our drivers and loaders are experts and always handle your furniture with the utmost of care.

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