Best Tips in Office Moving

Blog | June 8th, 2018

Moving an office to a new location is an intricate undertaking that requires proper planning to ensure that all necessary elements reach the new facility intact to keep the business activities shut down as little time as possible. You must orchestrate it with thorough planning and precise action to relocate all office furnishings, paperwork, supplies and equipment with as few problems as possible. We are here to help you accomplish the office move in an efficient manner by providing you with the following tips.

Plan the Move Months Ahead of Time

Remember that you cannot just completely halt business to relocate. You need to plan an office move at least six months ahead of time, if not more. Any less time than this, and you may not be able to perform all the necessary tasks in time for moving day. Meet with all the employees to dictate what each one’s role is in the move too, so that they are also prepared.

Hire a Reliable Removal Company That Offers a Variety of Services

At about the same time that you start planning the move, you should hire a reputable removal company to ensure that a van or multiple vans will be available on your intended moving day. Removal companies keep their vans and crews booked and busy all throughout the year, so do not delay in reserving the help that you require for your office move. Also, choose a removal company that offers pre-packing, storage, removal and other services to assist you. It should be a one-stop shop for you.

Be Certain That the Removal Company Provides Insurance on All of Your Office Elements

Do not hire any removal company that fails to offer insurance on your office elements. Accidents can happen during a move that lead to damage of the crucial elements for your office operations.

Ensure That the New Location Will Be Ready According to Schedule

Contact the agent in charge of the new location to be certain that it will be ready for the scheduled move-in day. It would be a waste to schedule your move otherwise.

Remove all of the Trash and Unwanted Items Prior to Packing up Your Office

By removing all of the trash and unwanted elements from the office prior to packing up the necessities, you will lighten your moving load, which may save you on your moving expenses. Also, you ensure that no clutter and useless elements wind up at the new location.

For further information and best tips in office moving, contact Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. We carefully pack, store and/or transport all of your office belongings safely and in an organised fashion.

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