Best Furniture Removal Services Even in Wet Weather Conditions

Blog | October 25th, 2017

Wet weather presents a special challenge to the moving process. One big issue is the fact that cardboard boxes will absorb water if you do not take proper precautions. Another problem is the fact that the floors will be a bit slippery, which will can be hazardous to the crew members who are removing your furniture to place it in a truck. To keep from having issues such as these, you must search out the best furniture removal services come rain, snow or shine. Luckily, you need seek no further than our company, Ron Wilson Removals & Storage, to hire this quality of moving services.

We Keep Watch on the Weather Reports Prior to Moving Day

At Ron Wilson, we watch the weather reports prior to a client’s moving day to ensure that we understand the best way to approach your move in the case of inclement weather. By doing this, our crews will be able to move swiftly and safely through your moving process while protecting your belongings from the rain or snow.

Our Crews Cover Cardboard Boxes and Other Items with Plastic If Wet Weather Occurs

If you take advantage of our packing services, our crews will not only pack your belongings in cardboard boxes securely, but they also will cover all of your boxes and other belongings with plastic in the event of rain or snow. As a result, your belongings will not become waterlogged and damaged.

Ron Wilson Understands the Safety Precautions to Take While Traversing Floors in Wet Weather

Our company understands how to protect the floors in your present house and new home in a safe manner to transport furniture and belongings out of one and into the other without our crews or you falling in the process. We make an extra effort with this to ensure the protection is adequate and also is non-tripping or non-slip in nature.

Drivers for Our Company Cautiously Traverse the Roads to Arrive to Your Destination Safely

Another reason we provide the best furniture removal services even in wet weather conditions is the fact that our drivers use caution when traversing the road to move your belongings from place to place. They deliver your goods without delays from accidents in bad weather that may damage your belongings along with our vans.

For further details about our expertise with furniture removal services in rain, snow or shine, contact us as soon as possible. We will customise our services to fit your unique needs and specifications. Also, remember that we provide storage with both short-term and long-term options.

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