Benefits of Personalised Home Quotation Visits and Inspections Prior to Moving

Blog | April 20th, 2017

Since each residential move involves different furnishings and belongings, load sizes and packing requirements, there is no one plan that fits every situation when it comes to selecting a moving company. For this reason, you will need to receive written quotes for your specific situation. The only way for these quotes to be accurate, however, is for the company to conduct personalised home quotation visits and inspections prior to you hiring it to pack, transport and deliver your belongings and furnishings from your present location to your new one. Read about all of the benefits of this action in the following list.

1. The company can identify any issues with moving your furniture. One example of this is if it requires special equipment to move a piano. Another example is when you have more than one storey to your house and removing the furniture from the house involves carrying it up or down stairs. In addition, the movers can determine how extensive the packing will be to box up your belongings to transport them in a safe manner.

2. You can set a firm time frame of the move. Once the moving company inspects your situation in person at your house, they will know when the packing needs to begin to move you according to the dates you have to be out of your house and when you desire to move into your new home.

3. No surprises pop up in the middle of the moving when the company provides a personalised home quotation. Nothing is more disconcerting to homeowners during the stress of changing residences as unforeseen problems are that happen just because the moving company failed to analyse the aspects of the move close enough to prevent them.

4. A more accurate quote is possible when the moving company comes into your home to perform an in-depth quote prior to you hiring it. You cannot just deliver a list of furnishings and belongings to the company in their office and expect to receive a price and time frame that covers all aspects on your move in the proper way.

For further advantages of personalised home quotation visits and inspections prior to moving, consult with our company, Ron Wilson Removals. We always perform these elements in-home to ensure that we provide an accurate quote to each of our clients. Our company offers a wide range of moving services ranging from pre-packing to interstate transport of goods. Please, allow us to take the stress out of your move.

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