Benefits of Hiring a Professional Company for Your Furniture Removal and Storage Needs

Blog | March 15th, 2017

For various reasons, you may need to remove furniture from your present location and either store it for a period of time or transport it to a new location. While you may easily perform this task on your own for lightweight pieces such as end tables, small chairs and even lamps, other items such as couches, pianos, dressers and recliners are heavy and cumbersome to move without the right know-how and equipment. Instead, you should avail yourself of the following benefits of hiring a professional company for your furniture removal and storage needs, especially for the latter type of items.

1. Expert Crews Skillfully and Carefully Move Your Furniture Items

Highly trained crews will move your furniture pieces with skill and care to ensure that they do not damage any of them. They succeed with this since they utilise the proper equipment and techniques to lift and move each item.

2. The Drivers Will Deliver Your Items to the New Location in a Timely, Safe Manner

When you hire a professional company for your furniture removal and storage needs, the drivers deliver your belongings to their destination in a timely, safe manner. The company will stick to your schedule to ensure that your items are not on the road any longer than necessary.

3. Insurance Coverage Comes with Furniture Removal and Storage Services

A professional company insures all your items in case of loss or damage. Unforeseen issues may occur where items disappear, or receive scratches or other damage, but the insurance this company carries will provide you with adequate compensation.

4. Secure Storage 24/7

Another benefit of hiring a professional company to move and store your furniture is the fact that it will provide you with two storage options, namely short-term and long-term ones. Temporary storage is via water-tight containers that crews will pack on-site and transport to the storage facilities. The long-term option is available with a different type of module. With both options, though, the professional company will provide 24/7 CCTV security. As a result, no one can just walk off with your belongings.

5. Cost-Effective

Taking into consideration all the benefits that you receive from this professional removal and storage company, the cost of its services is reasonable and affordable. In addition, if you try to move on your own, you may suffer back or muscle injuries that will cost you medical expenses. You save your body and money by hiring experts.

To reap all of the above benefits of hiring a professional company for your furniture removal and storage needs along with other ones, contact Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. We are experts in our field and guarantee quality, timely services.

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