Avoid Moving Day Disasters By Hiring the Right Moving Company

Blog | December 29th, 2017

Moving out of your present residence to another one can be an overwhelming, problem-filled experience when you hire the wrong company to help you. In order to prevent this, you must check into all prospective moving companies prior to hiring one to ensure that you choose the right moving company for your specific needs. With proper research, you can avoid the following moving day disasters.

Receiving an Inaccurate, Non-Binding Quote

When you fail to hire a reputable moving company, you can receive an inaccurate and non-binding quote. As a result, your final bill is full of unexpected charges. This issue happens a lot more than you may think and is so easy to prevent with a bit of effort. Ensure that the company provides a binding quote to show you that it is also an accurate one.

Underestimating the Size and Magnitude of Your Move

Another issue that can occur with the wrong company is underestimating the size and complexity of your move. When this happens, you must rush through the entire process in order to vacate your present residence on time. Hurrying may result with fragile items breaking or important items being thrown out instead of packed.

No Insurance on Your Belongings

The wrong company will not fully insure your belongings in case of damage. At times, there may be no insurance at all. Always inquire about what coverage the company carries to avoid this type of problem.

Scheduling Issues

Certain moving companies make clients adhere to their schedules rather than hiring sufficient help to meet their clients’ needs. You should be able to move when you need to as long as you schedule the date far enough in advance. Do not settle for less than you deserve with this.

Damage Occurring to Your Belongings

With your belongings in the wrong hands, damage can occur and ranges from torn clothes to broken fragile items and furniture. Worst yet, you often do not discover the damage until you unpack on the other end of your move, and sometimes, the company will not return your calls for help in remedying the damage.

Company Refusing to Transport an Item at the Last Minute

If you select the wrong moving company, the company at the last minute may refuse to transport an item. The right company, on the other hand, will discuss with you what items that it does not transport at the start of your inquiry of its services.

Luckily, all you need to do to avoid the above moving day disasters is to hire Ron Wilson Removals & Storage. Our quotes are always accurate, and we offer a wide array of services. All of your furniture and other belongings also are fully insured for your protection.

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