The Importance of Following a Moving Timeline and Checklist

Blog | June 13th, 2017

Moving to a new location is a monumental task, whether you are a business owner or just a homeowner. You have the pre-planning, packing and transportation stages to think about to ensure that all goes well. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a following a moving timeline and checklist for staying on track with all of the details of each of these stages.

The Timeline and Checklist Help You Pre-Plan All Details

With a timeline and checklist, you can pre-plan all the details of the move in an organised manner. You can rewrite and change these aids as many times as necessary to come up with the right ones for each section of the process before you proceed further with this overwhelming move.

A Timeline Allows You to Understand How Far Ahead of Schedule to Hire the Moving Company

The first item on the timeline and the checklist should be to contact the moving company. After all, companies such as this help thousands of people relocate each year, and you must ensure that you can hire one to fit your schedule. The only way to reserve a spot on the right day for both pickup and delivery is to contact the company far enough ahead of time. Before you hire any company, though, be certain to check its credentials and to receive a quote of services.

You Can Calculate How Much Time Is Necessary for Packing

Another item to go on the timeline prior to the pickup date is the packing schedule. You need to figure out if you need to pack for a week, a month or longer to fully prepare for moving day. Remember, a timeline is for the purpose of calculating how much time it takes to perform tasks and in which order to do them.

A Checklist Will Ensure That You Do Not Forget Important Details

Your moving checklist is to ensure that you include all necessary details into your move ranging from hiring the mover to the items you need to pack. On top of this, you may have items that you need to give to charity when you are not using them. Check each stage of the move off as you complete it. Also, check off all your items that you are planning on packing or taking with you unpacked such as furniture. Leave nothing to chance or you will forget an item of value.

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